A Reading Intervention for Struggling Adolescent Students

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By the middle grades, students are expected to transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” For adolescent students who read significantly below grade level, this shift can life-changing.

On the latest episode of The SRI Homeroom podcast, we discuss an effective, research-based intervention being used to connect with older students and accelerate the development of skills like fluency, decoding, reading stamina, and comprehension in the middle grades.

The SERP Institute’s Margaret Troyer and Kala Jones joined host Kori Hamilton Biagas to discuss STARI, the Strategic Adolescent Reading Intervention, and how it is working to reduce gaps and improve outcomes for struggling students.

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Access a transcript of the episode here.

Learn more about STARI and download STARI’s curriculum materials here.

Learn more about the LEARN Network and its free resources for researchers and developers here.

  • Margaret Troyer is the director of Literacy Research and Development at the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP Institute).
  • Kala Jones is the Literacy Specialist at the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP Institute).

Learn more about them and their work here.


April 25, 2024


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