New Student Behavior Blog Post: Why Participate in Research with SRI?

Graphic: Researchers and educators working together

Wow, where has the time gone? Back in 2019, we had an idea to create the Student Behavior Blog as a way to disseminate our work and initiate discussions with our community about issues they face in supporting students’ well-being. Our Behavior Research Team swung into action to make that dream a reality—and the response has been incredible. Our team not only engaged with educators, community members, and mental health service providers to co-author blogs about their challenges and accomplishments on the ground, but we also compiled helpful resources from our colleagues to promote collective work in the field and across the country. All of this while we continued to conduct high quality research, evaluation, and technical assistance in close collaboration with educators, intervention developers, and school communities. In the last few years, we have conducted many studies where we collaborated with more than 500 teachers and school-based counselors/clinicians that impacted the lives of more than 30,000 children and youth in hundreds of schools in over 10 states.

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Posted October 2022.

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