Enhancing Learning with Technology | News from SRI Education | November 2023

We believe in the potential of technologies like artificial intelligence to promote equitable learning opportunities for all students. As the edtech industry continues its rapid growth and evolution, we remain dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure that educational innovations are not just forward-thinking, but also rooted in principles of equity, accessibility, and real-world applicability.

New Student Behavior Blog Post: Handle With Care: Expanding and evaluating trauma supports for students

Now more than ever, many children and youth are exposed to potentially traumatic events, whether it be from community or school violence, natural disasters, or the sudden loss of a loved one.

SRI Early Childhood State Systems Building Webinar Series

Check out the recordings of our four-part, FREE webinar series from March through June 2023. Each webinar focused on a different topic in early childhood state systems building such as needs assessment and strategic planning, coordinated eligibility and enrollment, engaging partners in planning for data systems, and family engagement.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month | News from SRI Education | May 2023

We recognize the vital role that mental health plays in academic success and social-emotional development of students and well-being of educators. This newsletter describes some of our resources, research, and training that support mental-health awareness and trauma-informed practices in schools and communities.

Inclusive Language Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide is an introduction to inclusive language principles and provides guidance on how to put these principles into practice. Inclusive language refers to the practice of consciously choosing language that promotes the inclusion of communities that have been historically marginalized.

Connect with us online and in person at conferences | News from SRI Education | March 2023

Our team of experts is committed to tackling the most pressing challenges facing learners and educators, including ensuring children receive high-quality early education, improving STEM education, and advancing equity and inclusion in the classroom.

Spearheading Innovations in STEM & CS | News from SRI Education | February 2023

Through our STEM & CS program area, we supports all students to learn concepts and practices they need to engage productively in society as citizens. We have projects focusing on curriculum design, assessment design, design of teacher supports, learning sciences research, multidisciplinary STEM and computing (STEM+C) integration, impact studies, and external evaluation of domestic and international STEM & CS projects and district-wide STEM & CS initiatives.

Join IES and SRI Education, on January 19th at 3pm, as we launch the Leveraging Evidence to Accelerate Recovery Nationwide (LEARN) Network!

Hear about what IES is doing to address COVID-19 learning loss and learn from LEARN Network team members about scaling educational innovations.

New Student Behavior Blog Post: 5 Things that Everyone in Schools Should Know about Suicide Prevention

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in symptoms of mental health problems among school-aged youth. Most notably, the percentage of children with symptoms of depression and anxiety has become much larger.

Connecting, Leading, Sharing: SRI in the Field | News From SRI Education | November 2022

An important part of our work is actively connecting with educators and researchers in the field and leading networks to share best practices and useable findings. We also share our findings and resources in journals, reports, and articles across our websites and blogs.

New Student Behavior Blog Post: Why Participate in Research with SRI?

Back in 2019, we had an idea to create the Student Behavior Blog as a way to disseminate our work and initiate discussions with our community about issues they face in supporting students’ well-being. Our Behavior Research Team swung into action to make that dream a reality—and the response has been incredible. Our team not only engaged with educators, community members, and mental health service providers to co-author blogs about their challenges and accomplishments on the ground, but we also compiled helpful resources from our colleagues to promote collective work in the field and across the country.

New College and Career Pathways Blog Post: Measuring School Climate

Getting and using feedback from students themselves about their school experiences is key to understanding school climate. But how do school and district leaders know which measures to use?

New IES Network Seeks to Scale Solutions to Learning Loss

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students at all levels of education is still emerging. The recent release of the 2022 NAEP Long Term Trends report shows what many educators and researchers feared: significant education progress was lost because of the pandemic.

Blog Post: How REL Appalachia at SRI is Working to Include Educators in Mental Health and Trauma Support for Schools

In this Knowledge Alliance (KA) blog post, KA’s summer intern, Julianna Collado, met with Michelle Woodbridge and Nancy Perez from SRI International to discuss their work identifying and implementing better mental health support for educators. Please read the full blog post on the Knowledge Alliance’s site.

New College and Career Pathways Blog Post: Supporting Complex Networks Through Equity-Driven Practices

The imperatives facing public education right now—given all the issues laid bare by the pandemic and centuries of barriers systemically rooted in racism and White supremacy—require complex equity-and relationally driven partnership approaches.