New Student Behavior Blog Post: Promises and pitfalls of positive behavioral interventions and supports

Part 1 of Equity and PBIS: This is the introductory post of our series “An Equity-Centered Approach of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports”.

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Students who are Black, Latinx, and Native American are more likely than White students to be suspended or expelled – even when comparing consequences for the same infractions1. This racial and ethnic disproportionality in school discipline can be a significant barrier to equitable educational achievement and lifelong wellbeing for students of color. Many researchers and educators are invested in examining current systems that may contribute to exclusionary discipline and implementing school-based solutions to support students of color more effectively. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, or PBIS for short, is one widely adopted framework that is intended to provide supports at different intensities to address a variety of students’ needs and strengths. An equity-centered PBIS framework that is implemented with fidelity can serve as a critical component of a school system’s broader efforts to address discipline disproportionality.

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