Join SRI Education at the 2024 ISLS Annual Meeting

SRI Education researchers will present their work at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) Annual Meeting, held from June 10-14 in Buffalo, NY.


Monday, June 10
    Presenters: Satabdi Basu, Arif Rachmatullah, Kevin McElhaney, Nonye Alozie, Hui Yang, Nicole Hutchins, Gautam Biswas and Kelly Mills
    Concurrent Session 3

Tuesday, June 11
    Presenters: Daisy Rutstein, Satabdi Basu, Hui Yang, Arif Rachmatullah, Carol Tate and Steven McGee
    Long Paper Session

Tuesday, June 11
    Presenters: Arif Rachmatullah, Carol Tate, Andrea Beesley, Hannah Kumbroch
    Researchers will discuss a recent study, which found that frequent gamers showed greater interest, confidence, and engagement in computer science (CS), suggesting that CS programs might be more effective if tailored to students’ gaming interests.

Tuesday, June 11
    Presenters: Kevin W. McElhaney, Satabdi Basu, Nonye Alozie, Nicole M. Hutchins, Arif Rachmatullah, Kelly Mills and Gautam Biswas
    Poster Session 1

Thursday, June 13
    Presenters: Patrik Lundh and Andrea Beesley
    Researchers will discuss a study which examines how California’s policy for continuous quality improvement (CQI) in over 4,500 afterschool programs is influenced by the education system’s structure and organizational dynamics, often leading to unexpected outcomes. Using complex systems concepts, their work analyzes these patterns and challenges common assumptions in education policy.

Thursday, June 13
    Presenters: Satabdi Basu, Arif Rachmatullah, Carol Tate, Daisy Rutstein and Hui Yang
    Poster Session 2

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