Join SRI Education at the 2024 ASU + GSV Summit

AERA 2024SRI’s Todd Grindal will join a panel of national leaders for a discussion of AI, technology and early childhood education at ASU + GSV Summit, held April 14-17 in San Diego, CA.


Wednesday, April 17
    SRI Researcher: Todd Grindal

    Instructional coaching is crucial for teachers to excel in supporting the growth of young children. However, the costs involved in providing coaches with necessary information can limit its reach. Learn how advancements in AI can enhance instructional coaching while addressing concerns about privacy, equity, and bias.

    Panelists include Todd Grindal, co-director of SRI Education’s Center for Learning & Development, alongside Dr. Steve Hannon (LENA), Maria-Isabel Ballivian (ACCA Child Development Center), Bridget Hamre (Teachstone), and moderator Snow Li (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

    America’s Cup C/D, Level 4

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